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"reading isn't a hobby, it's just something people say when they don't have any actual hobbies."

what's wrong with reading?

Happy birthday Doc

thank you


Hello Devs, 

Did I see a "Fools" poster on a bedroom wall in the trailer? Is this the "Fools" from Boston? Are you from the Boston area, or just a fan of the band? In the early 80's, my band - The Mirrors - had the same agent, and played gigs together. Awesome group... they were one of my favs to hang with.


Did you use blueprints?



Hello, is there any chance for a Release on other Platforms like PS4/5?

Nothing to say at this point

Anything at this point???

It's going to be available on Switch soon. We don't have an estimated release time because we've never done a Switch release before, but we've submitted it to Nintendo and we're waiting to hear back. Beyond that, it's always been available on Xbox (and we're patching in support for Play Anywhere, so if you buy it on Xbox or Windows Store you'll be able to play it on the other store as well). We won't be releasing on PlayStation since the cost to do so just isn't worth it for a small two-person studio like us; talked to a bunch of other devs and indie support on PlayStation seems to be lacking. We can't even justify the cost of a dev kit right now.

Totally understand and I appreciate the response, best of luck with whatever comes next!


This is one of those games that will stick with you. Beautiful, thank you.

Full Game No Commentary 

Thank you for playing.


What game engine is used for the game?



Are there nay plans for a Linux version ?


Only two of us are actively working on the game, so unfortunately we cannot commit to a Linux version and maintain both PC and Xbox versions. :(


Thanks for the response regardless. Count me in for a purchase if you're able to do so down the road.


I'm on Linux - I bought the game here, then used the Steam key and played through Steam Proton without an issue. If that's an option for you, it might work!


It's an option but I have plenty of Linux native games on my wishlist that get priority over my money.